Gonna try Vodafone this year & I got a ticket

I now have the trifecta of wifi at home, work, and my parents place. So I just ordered the cheapest $100/year Kogan/Vodafone SIM and I’ll activate it when my Telstra prepaid runs out next month. You can’t beat those kinds of dollars.

I’ve been at my parents all week for assorted reasons. Just finished the drive home.

I got pulled over by a police man on a motorcycle on the way back and given a fine because my bike was obscuring the number plate. He didn’t want me to fix it or anything, just a fine. So that’s cool. That’s $125 bucks going towards… I don’t know, what does that even contribute to?

I’m exhausted. It feels like perpetual Sundays afternoon.

Some of my plants are dead, some of them are double the size.

I’ve collapsed on the couch, I fear I may never get up again.

Things are alright.

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